Do-Kan has been inspired for many years by a buddhist kind of approach of art. The ideals and way of working are sometimes quite different from western art. Though not easy to express the essence of it, two people have put it in words wonderfully: Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche (‘Dharma Art’) and Kazuaki Tanahashi (‘Brush Mind’).
He did many art workshops, both western and oriental. courses on Graphic Design (UCK, Utrecht / Graphic Lyceum Utrecht / Graphic Lyceum Amsterdam), Printing techniques (Jules Rameau, Utrecht), Sumi-e painting (Titus de Vries, Wageningen), Mixed Printing techniques (Coosje Brunnekreeft, Nijmegen), and several workshops Brush Creativity, Enjoy the Brush etc. (Kazuaki Tanahashi, Solingen (Germany), Anwerpen (Belgium), Uithuizen (Netherlands)).
He did courses on photography in Groningen, Amsterdam and Utrecht. He now lives in Nijmegen.
By Kazuaki Tanahashi he was given the artist name of Do-Kan, meaning Circle of the Way.

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